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Germantown is a larger community in Maryland based in Montgomery County. The area itself is home to over 90,000 people and Germantown is one of the third most populated places across Maryland entirely. Although Baltimore still hits the top of the most populated communities in Maryland Germantown is continuing to expand especially because of its extremely close access to the community of Washington DC.

Proximity and Prosperity

Germantown is pushed right against the border of Washington DC with only 25 miles between the two cities. This extremely close proximity actually makes Germantown a big part of the Washington DC Metro area. Germantown itself was never quite this big before but was formed out of six different villages that would eventually make a large city. There’s a downtown area of Germantown including a stadium, shopping center, various attractions and more. In the 1980s Germantown would continue to see some massive sparks in economic support through Xerox, Weather Bug, Qiagen and more all setting up shop in the area. There are many of these manufacturers that provide ongoing support and employment for many of the residents of Montgomery County as well as in Germantown. Residents of Germantown generally experience a lower temperature than what you may see throughout other parts of Washington DC. The fall area in this zone often result in more storms are at the summer and early fall but beyond that, the weather remains much the same as that of Washington DC.

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Air duct cleaning in Germantown:

Many of the residents of Germantown refuse to compromise when it comes to their indoor air quality. As a result there are many employers and individual homeowners that now purchase specialty filters for their home and indoor air filters. Before installing any type of indoor air filter or replacement filter it could be a very good idea to consider the idea of duct cleaning before installing any type of device for air purification. Fair Duct can provide a number of US-made air filter products including the replacement filters as well as the ion filter system. These types of products can help to remove toxins from the air and improve the overall quality of indoor air for any type of environment. Advanced and professional carpet cleaning can also be a huge asset to improving indoor air quality. Contact Fair Duct today for a quote on some of these cleaning services and more in Germantown Maryland.