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Washington DC as a whole is known for being divided into several main quadrants. The four different quadrants across Washington DC are outlined by several major streets throughout the capital city. The northeast section of Washington DC and the North Capitol Street and started the East Capitol Street. A wide selection communities fall within the northeast of Washington DC including Riggs Park, Mayfair, Brentwood, Fort Lincoln, Michigan Park, Ivy city and several others.

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The northeast section of Washington DC is also home to some of the largest areas of Capitol Hill as a whole. Ward 5, seven, six and four are all located within this zone. One of the most discernible feature landmarks in the Northeast of Washington DC is the Gallaudet University. The Catholic University of America is also located in this section of Washington DC. Six different metro lines run through this section of Washington DC making it fairly easy to commute around this area of the city. The improve transportation lines make getting to government offices in the northeast section very simple. The heritage foundation as well as the Washington Times are also located in this area and are recognized as some of the largest employers apart from the government.

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If you want to improve the air quality within any type of business or home it’s extremely important that you consider the idea of getting an air purifier with recyclable filters. Quality air purifiers can help to improve the indoor air quality by siphoning out a number of toxins and bacteria from the air itself. With washable air purifier filters and some the most advanced air purifiers on the market from Fair Duct, you can have access to some of the best Washington DC NE air solutions available. The experts at Fair Duct can also provide support for mold remediation and advanced cleaning solutions. Whether you have become the victim of water damage or you require assistance with removing dirt and grime from your home, we can deliver the best in deep cleaning services throughout Washington DC as well as in the northeast of Washington DC. Contact our company today for more information on our air purifier technology, our filters or our deep cleaning services. Our knowledgeable experts are available at any time of day to answer your inquiries. We can provide of portable costs on any air purifier technology or cleaning services.