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Annapolis stands as the main capital of Maryland as well is the holder of the main seat of the Anne Arundel County. This area of the state is fairly close to Chesapeake Bay and is also located quite close to the Severn River at its mouth. Annapolis is a community that’s known for its relatively large population as well as being an excellent source of commuters for Washington DC in some of the surrounding communities. Annapolis has a population of just over 38,000 people in total but it is also home to a number of the buildings for the Continental conference.

The Capital of Maryland

Although Annapolis is technically part of the Baltimore/Washington Metro area it stands as its own important capital for the area and especially for the county itself. Annapolis is home to a number of other features including the St. John’s College, the state house, United States Naval Academy and more. With one of the largest employers for this area standing as the United States Naval Academy, the vast majority of the population is going to be commuting from this area. There are several large employers such as the Home Depot as well as the Anne Arundel medical Center which also play a big role in employment for the local community. With an extremely large number of suburbs throughout this area with several shopping centers there are a fair amount of jobs regularly opening up in this area too.

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Whether you are experiencing problems with mold in Annapolis or you need help from a variety of mold remediation and cleaning services, Fair Duct can provide more than just mold remediation in the greater Annapolis area. We can assess your home for all types of moisture damage as well is provide support for deep cleaning in carpets, water cleanup, mold removal, vent cleanout and more. With our assistance, we can keep your home looking its best and ensure that the job is done right the first time. Our company can also provide a wealth of different products including air filters and air purifier products. These types of products in Annapolis Maryland can help to improve your indoor air quality and ensure that you are getting the healthiest environment for living and working every day. With the assistance of Fair Duct, we can make the process of any major cleaning task or remediation support easier in the greater Annapolis Maryland area. Contact our staff today to learn more about our work in Annapolis Maryland.