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Outstanding Air Duct Cleaning Company

With 10 Years Of Experience On The Field

We opened Fair Duct in the year 2014 to serve the greater DC Metro area as well as Maryland and Northern Virginia

We are extremely passionate about the job that we do in creating safe and clean environment for families, employees and the citizens of this area. Indoor air quality is something that needs to be regularly monitored and with the help of our cleaning standards as well as our filtration products if possible to protect people in indoor environments from allergens and micros. Many indoor environments often become very difficult to maintain if the right amount of time is not invested in maintaining the quality of the environment and the various toxins that could be in the air.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service - Fair Duct's Safety-focused Approach
Ductwork Inspection - Certified HVAC Cleaning Solutions

With Plenty Of Satisfied Homeowners

With A Clean History Of Air Duct Cleaning

Fair Duct is a specialized air duct cleaning company. We are a locally operated and owned company with a very tight knit team of professionals that works together to build quality customer relationships.

Award winning company

Our professionals provide award winning HVAC air duct cleaning services

Green Cleaning Solutions

We use only non-toxic biodegradeable detergents that are 100% Safe for Adults, Children & Pets

Best Customer Support

We are committed to the quality of our work & provide 24/7 support for our customers

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A Great Team Up Our Sleeve

Our Certified Technicians Will Do The Job

Our company is also continuously looking towards the future. As new innovations are made in air duct cleaning, filtration technology and more we continue to improve the level of products that we have on offer as well as the tools that we use every day. Through our consistent research and innovation in the market we can continue to offer some of the finest cleaning and air quality improvement products.

As well as investing in research our company believes in the personnel that we have employed. We have assembled a team of some of the most passionate air-quality experts and cleaning experts in our local market. We provide advanced training to every new employee a remake sure that everyone adheres to our ethical and moral code of conduct while they are on the job site. We believe in creating honest and transparent experiences that are valuable for our customers.


Duct Cleaning Process - Fair Duct Ensures Spotless Ventilation

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