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In the Northwest of Washington DC is a specialty quadrant of the capital city. This section is started at the West of North Capitol Street and to the north of the national Mall. The Northwest section of Washington DC is the largest section of Washington DC represented by the main quadrants. There are a number of communities that can be found throughout Northwest Washington DC which include Embassy Row, the Palisades, Crestwood, Tacoma, Dupont Circle, West End, Foggy Bottom and a few others. A wealth of college campuses located in this area include George Washington University, American University, the University of the District of Columbia and more.

Tourist Magnets

Also located in the northwest of Washington DC is one of the largest stadiums in the area. The Verizon Center located in Northwest Washington DC is an entertainment hub. The Washington wizards play here, as do the capitals and the Georgetown Hoyas. The stadium plays host to a number of rock concerts every year as well as specialty events and festivals as well. Washington DC Northwest is represented by wards six, five, two, three and four as well as Ward 1. The White House is found in this section making the northwest part of DC one of the most popular sections for tourists as well. As a result of this increased tourist influx the transportation in this area is perhaps one of the best in the greater Washington DC area.

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If you live or work in Washington DC Northwest you should strongly consider the use of professional carpet cleaning services with the help of the right individuals. By working with Fair Duct you can make sure that your carpet cleaning services are done with the help of the most advanced equipment as well as the highest trained professionals in the carpet cleaning industry. We have been working in the greater DC area over many years and we are able to deliver some of the best discounts on carpet cleaning services, duct cleaning services, mold remediation and more. No matter what your cleaning services may be in Washington DC, our company can deliver fair quotes for both business and residential clients. We have the specialists as well as the equipment to get the job done as efficiently as possible and we have had the pleasure of working throughout the nation’s capital and in the Northwest of Washington DC over several years now. We love our job and we want to improve your indoor air quality with top cleaning services! Contact our staff today for more information.