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Gaithersburg Maryland is a location in Montgomery County with a population of 59,000+ people. This selection of the state is one of the fourth most populated areas in Maryland in the area itself simply pales in comparison to the population density that could be found in other areas of the state like Baltimore. Gaithersburg is divided primarily by a large interstate highway called the 270 and there is a central district that contains many of the most historical buildings in old Gaithersburg. If you are interested in exploring the history of the town this is one of the best places to try first.

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Gaithersburg is known for hosting the fair for Montgomery County as well as the Lake Forest Mall, their spectacular City Hall and more. In west of Gaithersburg there are some very interesting features that include the Rio business district as well as the Lake Lands area. Some of the top employers for this area include Med Immune, Lockheed Martin, IBM and several other major corporations. There are plenty of great job opportunities surrounding Gaithersburg as well as in some of the larger and more populated towns outside of this suburb. Many individuals commute from Gaithersburg because of its amazing neighborhoods as well as the lower value in real estate as compared to some of the other suburbs in the area.

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For a wide selection of cleaning services that can improve indoor air quality you should strongly consider working with Fair Duct today. We have extensive experience working in the greater Gaithersburg area and serving some of the surrounding suburbs as well. We have the professional equipment to help you with any type of duct cleaning throughout Gathersburg. Whether you need assistance with cleaning out your dryer vents or every event in your entire property, we can be on hand and ready to complete the job with our equipment and skilled hands. We can also provide advanced cleaning services for a number of areas of the home. Fair Duct can provide carpet cleaning services, mold remediation services, air filter installation and filtration system installation services. We work with a number of leading US manufacturers to ensure that we can keep homes as clean as possible and offer the services to reduce the number of airborne toxins within our customers’ homes. If you live or work in Gaithersburg and you need access to a solution for your cleaning and more contact Fair Duct today.