We offer a massive line of washable electrostatic filters.

Washable electrostatic filters are one of the most economical choices for furnace and intake vents. With our series of electrostatic intake vent filters you can have air filters that keep a consistent electrostatic charge. Unlike other types of furnace or vent filters that require a constant electricity cost, these vents have been produced to help you reduce costs as well as improve the efficiency of your air conditioning and heating coils.

Where the electrostatic filters are used?

These types of filters are perfect for heavy equipment, heating and cooling systems and more. Making sure that your equipment and your space is kept as clear as possible will help to ensure that everyone using the environment will remain healthier and that you can preserve all prospective equipment for the future.

We designed our electrostatic air filters with a washable and permanent design. Each one features an aluminum frame which is dealt out of a heavy-duty grade aluminum construction. Stretched across the aluminum frame are two layers of propylene we’ve across the front and the back as well as alighting made of poly internal materials. These types of materials are designed to last through many washes as well as more than a few years of consistent filtration.
Electrostatic air filters from our company can be designed to fit almost any size vent and we produce them as filters built for any custom need. Every one of our filters also comes with an extensive lifetime warranty. With components made in the USA, you can instantly get service by ensuring that your air filters can be custom-built close by and repaired close by as well.

If you would like to order any of our electrostatic washable filters, contact our company for more information today.