Your dryer vent can be one of the most dangerous elements of your home especially when it is not cleaned properly. When dryer vent is clean it can improve the efficiency of your washer and dryer as well as reduce the chances for fire and difficulty within your property.

When dryer vent becomes clogged this often means that your dryer is working at least twice as hard without the proper ventilation. As link begins to build up in both your dryer as well as the vent it doesn’t take long before you start to see your energy bills go up as well as difficulty drying your clothing.

If you are starting to see that you’re closer coming out of the dryer with some dampness or that it is in doing the same job that it once was before, it could be time to check on your dryer vent. Make sure that your vent is not crushed up against the wall or bent massively. Making sure that the dryer vent has an open path to be outdoors will help to make sure that maximum ventilation is achieved. If the vent is wide open this means that the ventilation system in the dryer is likely filled with Lance and other debris. A number of items such as old socks, dryer sheets, lint, dust and more can all contribute to clogging up the dryer vent and also contribute to the possibility that you could be subject to a fire in your dryer from extensive heat buildup.

The main difficulty with actually cleaning out a dryer vent is that it’s difficult to see all the way through the vent to the outside. If the entire system happens to be filled with lint, debris or dirt it can be especially difficult to clean if you don’t have the right equipment. With professional vent cleaning products it becomes much easier to clean these systems with the help of long reach vent cleaning vacuums and more.

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